Many customers require or have interest in the use of vision inspection systems to validate various aspects of the liner disc in lined caps, and on some occasions, aspects of the molded closure as well.

The most common attributes inspected by vision for line closures are liner disc presence, mooned liner disc, off-center liner disc, and tape splices. We can inspect any type of cap or liner material, including polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, and many more specialized materials.

Our vision inspection systems use a conveyor to pass a single lane of caps underneath a camera to identify defects. Depending on rate and cap size, a vacuum belt may be used to ensure no slipping occurs. We also have the capability to back light the cap, allowing for superior defect detection. Any caps deemed defective can be rejected from production automatically by use of a precise air jet that ejects one cap at a time without slowing the rest of the line.

CapTech has considerable expertise in the integration and programming of vision inspection systems from suppliers including Keyence, Omron, and Cognex. Take advantage of our OEM relationships and discounts to get the best price for your integration. We are continuously evaluating the evolution of vision inspection equipment and optical sensors. Let us know how we can be of help on your next program.

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