The conveyor type, material, length, width, and running rate are all important factors in moving plastic closures through the cap-lining process. CapTech has access to all major brands of industrial conveyor systems, and can work with customers to determine the best choices for a particular application.

Singulation or Spinner Tables

Singulation or spinner tables are often used to take the multi-lane output of a cap lining machine and convert the caps into a single-file lane for vision inspection or final packaging in cartons or gaylords. Spinner tables can also be used to change the direction of flow of the caps through the line.

CapTech has several standard sizes of spinner tables at diameters of 36”, 48”, and 60”. The choice of table diameter is typically determined by both closure diameter and production rates. Custom sized spinner tables can be created if required.

Lining Material Roll Unwinders and Web Re-Winders

Closure lining materials are typically supplied to closure manufacturers in roll form, with the rolls stacked onto small wooden pallets.

CapTech designs and builds both single-roll lining material unwinders, as well as pallet unwinders, to supply the lining machine with a reliable supply of lining material. The pallet unwinders are used to reduce labor time devoted to changing rolls, and to eliminate the lifting of heavier rolls of material.

Web re-winders are typically single-roll stands and are used to collect the light-weight web skeleton after the liner discs are punched out.