CapTech Automation has the capability to produce a wide variety of closure lining machine types:

  • Indexing star-wheel type cap lining machines
  • Rotary die type cap lining machines
  • Shuttle-type cap lining machines
  • Our flagship CAP5 Clockwork family of cap lining machines

The CAP5 Clockwork family of cap lining machines is a true breakthrough in closure lining automation. A partial listing of the features and benefits of the CAP5 machine technology include:

  • Straight in-line movement of caps into the machine, through the die set, and exiting the machine – no star-wheel is used
  • Very gentle handling of the closures through the cap-lining process – no more shattered caps during lining
  • Serial / sequential processing of the cap-lining operations – no more masses of metal moving in parallel
  • Intra-cycle serial process control of the cap-lining operation sequence – prevent defects from being created
  • Four standard machine sizes, providing virtually unlimited die-set cavitation options
  • Rock-solid steel machine base construction, with vertical punch ram forces – zero-deflection on die sets
  • Gas-spring balanced punch ram, for safety, energy savings, and silky smooth operation

The CAP5 family of standard lining machines is delineated by the maximum lining material strip width a given machine model can process. In turn, the maximum strip width a model can run will determine the maximum die set cavitation the model can run for a given closure diameter. All CAP5 models can run die sets from 1-up to the maximum die set size.


CAP5 Machine Model Maximum Lining Material Strip Width Maximum Die-Set Cavitation (38mm) Maximum Die-Set Cavitation (110mm)
CAP5-7 7" 4-up 1-up
CAP5-11 11" 7-up 2-up
CAP5-15 15" 10-up 3-up

To fully understand and appreciate how our strategies and capabilities can be used to improve your closure lining operations and profitability, please contact us so we may create an analysis for your particular business.

CapTech Die Sets

Our punches and dies are constructed from M2 and D2 tool steel, and are produced to exacting tolerances. We have individual die sets that have been in production for over 20 years.

The key to long die set life is to maintain zero-deflection control of the punch and die alignment. The CAP5 base lining machine is built from the ground up to prevent the punch from contacting the die. Another factor contributing greatly to die set longevity is our unique in-machine punch / die alignment system, which is very simple and quick.

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