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CapTech Automation is unique in having both broad experience in the design and development of custom automation equipment systems, plus in-depth knowledge of innovative closure lining machine production, lining material development, lining material supply chain management, strip-width consolidation / inventory reduction, and the streamlining of closure business operations.

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Energy savings of centrifugal
blowers vs. compressed air

Material savings compared to
other stamping patterns

More caps lined per cycle than
traditional rotary lining machines

Types of Conveyors for Industrial Applications

Conveyor systems have become increasingly critical for speedy, reliable production in a variety of industries. At their most basic, conveyor systems use a frame that supports a belt, rollers, or wheels to transport materials from one location to another. They are powered using a variety of methods, including electrical motors, manual actuation, or gravity. Conveyors

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Guide to Lining Materials

Numerous closure lining materials exist for use with caps and closures on consumer products. The liner choice will impact the fit and function of the closure on the final packaging solution. Developing an understanding of the differences between lining cap materials will help to facilitate informed material choices.  Importance of Lining Materials A cap liner

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New Innovations for Increased Efficiency

At CapTech Automation, our team continuously searches for ways to improve efficiency in the manufacturing sector. Drawing from the expertise of experienced industry professionals from Big Sky Engineering, we are able to produce advanced closure production machinery that enables our customers to integrate lean manufacturing principles into their operations easily and efficiently. By doing so,

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