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CapTech Automation is unique in having both broad experience in the design and development of custom automation equipment systems, plus in-depth knowledge of innovative closure lining machine production, lining material development, lining material supply chain management, strip-width consolidation / inventory reduction, and the streamlining of closure business operations.

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Energy savings of centrifugal
blowers vs. compressed air

Material savings compared to
other stamping patterns

More caps lined per cycle than
traditional rotary lining machines

Cost Benefits of Stacking and Packing

While the terms closure “packing” and “stacking” are sometimes used interchangeably in daily vernacular, they are two distinctly separate operations in the manufacturing industry. Stacking refers to the placement or arrangement of individual items in a pile, while packing is the process of preparing the stacks for container shipment. Affecting many aspects of a product

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Improve Material Efficiency with CapTech Automation

Cap liners, one of the smallest and often most underappreciated elements of a bottled product, are actually one of the most crucial components in the bottle assembly. These pieces sit between the cap and the bottle, acting as a gasket to ensure proper sealing. Cap liners serve several essential functions including preventing leakage, improving product

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Lower Compressed Air Costs

Compressed air has recently become a valuable power source for a growing number of applications. It is often referred to as the fourth utility after water, electricity, and gas. However, compressed air can be potentially expensive in specific applications. When used inappropriately, wastage is significant, and the medium itself can become inefficient. Most high-speed cap

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